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Packing List for Seychelles

The most important

O Passport

O Flight tickets

O Train tickets

O Driver's license

O Wallet, money (Euro)

O Credit cards (Visa, Barclays, Master)

O Store ID copies in mail program

O Phone

O Camera / Underwater camera / SD card(s)

O Chargers for cell phone, camera etc.

O Adapter (British version), multiple plugs

O List of emergency phone numbers (in case of lost cards)

O Vaccination card/blood donor card

O International health insurance (documents)

O Flight miles bonus card

O FP2 mask if necessary

O Disinfectant (see hand luggage)

First Aid Kit

O special tablets already prescribed by the doctor

O Aspirin (thrombosis prevention)

O Tablets against diarrhea

O Electrolytes & probiotics for diarrhea

O Tablets against travel sickness

O Tablets against heartburn/agitation, stomach tea

O Fenestil gel (mosquitoes/allergies/sunburn)

O Plasters, bandages

O Wound and healing ointment (Bepanthen)

O Sedative (valerian), sleeping pills

Hand luggage > these e.g. as beach bag

O The most important things (see above)

O First-aid kit (for the flight, see above)

O Socks and sturdy, comfortable shoes (flight)

O Jacket (because of air conditioning in the plane)

O comfortable pants (long)

O neck pillow, preferably inflatable

O Handkerchiefs, possibly hygienic wipes

O Zip plastic bag for liquids (100ml each is allowed)

O Glasses / hearing aid (if available)

O trombosis stockings if necessary

O Pen, notepad if applicable

O Mini flashlight, rechargeable via USB

O Oropax / sleeping goggles

O Headphones (some airlines charge for them)

O Reading material / puzzles / travel games

O Chewing gum (against ear problems)

O Travel guide / other books


O Cappi / Sun hat

O T-shirts, blouses (cotton)

O shorts, comfortable pants (cotton)

O Skirts, dresses (cotton)

O underwear (cotton)

O short pyjamas / nightgown

O trekking sandals

O summer shoes / sandals / flip-flops

Toiletries (for him and her)

O shampoo

O Brush / comb

O Dental care / Denture cleaner

O Body lotion, hand cream

O Make-up utensils (cotton pads made of cloth)

O Tampons / panty liners (better: period underwear)

O Handkerchiefs

O Hair clip / ribbon / elastic

O Hair dryer, curling iron

O razor, tweezers

For the beach

O beach bag (possibly already available as hand luggage or backpack)

O Sunglasses (better take 2 in case one gets lost)

O Reef-friendly sunscreen (30-50) / after-sun cream

O Mosquito spray with high DEET content against dengue

O Bikini / swimsuit / swim trunks

O Microfiber beach towels

O swimming shoes for stony beach

O possibly cooler bag

O diving goggles / snorkel


O Umbrella for rain + sun

O possibly alarm clock (if no cell phone)

O Jute bag (e.g. for dirty laundry)

O sewing kit / safety pins

O Addresses for "real" postcards (in the cell phone)

My specials / for self-supporters

O Soluble coffee (also available on site)

O BRITA fill & go Vital water bottle with activated carbon filter (also the carafe for home)

O egg carton (in the store there are almost everywhere only plastic bags)

O reusable ice cubes

O reusable straws (e.g. stainless steel)

O Tupperware for takeaway, cloth napkins


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