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The SeyGlobe is a globe on which ONLY THE SEYCHELLES can be seen!
All Seychelles lovers have known for a long time: These islands are small but mighty.
Unfortunately, they can almost never be seen on a conventional globe.

The SeyGlobe is different:
It is handmade in Germany in the world's oldest globe manufactory still in production and makes the SeyGlobe something very special. The map template was painted and designed by Marina Germain.
Cartographically designed to bring the most visited islands, which are widely scattered on a map, a little closer together.
For scale, all islands were mapped at the same scale. By projecting them on the globe, islands in the middle appear larger than at the very top or bottom of the globe. The distances between the islands are to scale within each group.

The following islands can be seen on the SeyGlobe:
- Mahé group: Mahé, Cerf Island, Sainte Anne, Round Island, Long Island, Moyenne Island, Thérèse, Conception.
- Praslin group: Cousin, Praslin, St. Pierre, Curieuse, La Digue, Petite Sœur, Grande Sœur, Felicité, Marianne
- Silhouette Group: Silhouette and North Island
- Individually: Aride, Bird Island, Denis Island, Frégate, Île Plate, Desroches

With the exception of the Mini-Globe (12 cm ø), all SeyGlobes are illuminated from the inside. Delivery incl. care instructions.

SeyGlobe M

  • Table globe, diameter 26 cm, features: hand-laminated, acrylic glass, illuminated, base: dark wood, meridian: silver metallic.

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